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If you're thinking (or giggling) about the Commodore Amiga computer right now, just stop it. This port of Mozilla is to the new Amiga Digital Environment (DE), not to the Classic Amiga. Amiga recently announced that they would port the Amiga OS to the PowerPC for Amiga OS 4.0, to be released in late summer this year, with later releases to follow, leading up to 5.0, which will include memory protection and the full implementation of the AmigaDE. However, a port to Amiga OS doesn't make sense - an Amiga Inc. developer begged me not to consider it, even.

The AmigaDE is what Amiga wants people to program to, and with good reason: programs written for the Amiga DE run hosted through Amiga OS 4.0, as well as Windows and Linux, both Linux-based and Windows CE-based PDA devices. Applications written to the Amiga OS, by contrast, run only on that operating system.

The plan

Although it makes sense to start small with the port of Mozilla, it's not real clear what can be stripped from Mozilla. The Mozilla developers themselves said that it's pretty hard to isolate Gecko itself, as the technologies depend on so many different things - most of Mozilla, in fact. There are, however, various /test directories in the Mozilla tree that could probably help an engineer do isolated test compiles.

Because the AmigaDE is more Linux-ish than it is Windows-ish, Kevin Croombs of Tao convinced me that it makes sense to start with a port of the Linux version of Mozilla when porting it. In this way, the Linux makefiles and cross scripts can be used to start the AmigaDE long enough to compile Amiga binaries and then exit. This can't happen, however, until:

Developer resources

The mailing list archives above will go a long way towards getting you up to speed on the project up until now. You'll need the Amiga SDK for either Linux or Windows to be able to help with the port to the AmigaDE.

The Web-browsable Mozilla tree is available here ( is on this page):

Mozilla developers can be had almost any time on IRC at #mozilla to answer questions about the code, and porting it. I've grilled them many times. They may giggle at you and make snide comments like "Only Amiga makes it possible!", but then they'll usually help you all they can.

AmigaDE developers can be found lurking on IRC at (#developer), and they will help you all they can with the AmigaDE.

Amiga wants you!

Calling all developers: This is your chance to shine. Amiga Inc. (AI) wants this port -- they've told me they'll help in any way they can. Currently AI is a pre-IPO company without a great deal of cash, and can only do so much. And after all, Mozilla IS open source. The AmigaDE is truly a revolutionary platform -- one that can run on PDAs, cellphones, desktop computers, set-top boxes, and more, or hosted through Windows, Linux, Mac, or Amiga OS. It's worth the port. (And if Be coders can come up with a port of Mozilla, so can Amiga developers, DARN IT).

If you want to help code a port Mozilla to AmigaDE now, either join the mailing list (link in the header above) or e-mail me directly and let me know how you'd like to help.


My name is James Russell. Currently I'm leaving my job to start writing full-time, planning a move across the country, and balancing about 18 different projects to boot. I need engineering help on this project. I can handle project management, and can code by follow instructions ("change this to this in every file"), and can help get you up to speed on resources in the camp (you can find me as "kovu" in #mozilla or #mozillazine when I'm online). I simply cannot handle the entirety of this port myself at this time.

The mozamiga project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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